Comprising the movements and postures of yoga, meaning literally to be steady and comfortable in
the body.


To balance, expand and direct energy by means of the breath. Pranayama creates a feeling of physical and mental lightness.


Purification methods to remove toxins & make the body clean and strong.


Yogic sleep or conscious relaxation. The mind becomes very receptive. Effort is dropped, but awareness remains.


Internal and external behaviours become harmonised and conscious.


Lessening  the pull of the senses, reducing the desires that disturb the mind.


Liberating the mind, supporting positive intention, lifting the heart.


Developing deep levels
of concentration and stillness, we are not so easily disturbed or influenced.

What is Sadhana?

What is Sadhana?

Following is a quote from Swami Niranjan of Bihar school of yoga. Sadhana indicates the drive and the effort to follow the aspirations defined by yoga. Sadhana means sustained effort over a period of time for a long duration to…